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//I’m like 80% sure Ellie would have died for those guns

i was totally confused by this reply at first and then i remembered that marlene was gonna pay them w/ guns (at least i think that’s what you mean???)

Anonymous asked: Hey! This isn't really an ask but I'm graduating high school soon so the courses I picked were pretty important depending on what I wanted to do after I graduate. I was stuck between taking science or game art/design in university but after playing the last of us when it was released, I was really inspired to do what I really wanted and take a ton of art and tech courses for my final few years of high school! Anyways, I just wanted to share that with someone. I love TLOU so much it's beautiful

That’s very cool! I’m glad TLOU was able to help you decide what you wanted to do, it’s such a beautiful and powerful game. I hope you are able to do what you love and create great things! :)

can u imagine how different the game would be if they chose to keep both tess and joel alive

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Survivor mode is for the elite of the elite like the ppl who can play survivor without listening mode are the real survivors of the apocalypse

srsly man like i NEED listening mode if u can play w/o it more power to ya but nOPE

ok nevermind joel did it w/o bill that was weird though???

oh my god the fucking game is glitching and bill won’t push the damn truck goddammit bill fuck u

After all we’ve been through… Everything that I’ve done… It can’t be for nothing.

After all we’ve been through… Everything that I’ve done… It can’t be for nothing.

hard mode is already difficult how the fuck am i ever gonna play survivor mode

make me choose: tess or marlene (requested by rainfels

when you get to the part right before the capitol building, when joel asks ellie “is that everything you hoped for” the capitol still looks so far away?

and then bam the cutscene ends and it’s right around the corner.